This is the latest in the GuardCam Range. The halogen lamp has been replaced with a LED light which is cheaper to run and the lamp will last for at least 40,000 hours.It is a PIR floodlight which has a built in camera. When the light is activated by movement it also takes a photograph or video and plays a message to the intruder. This audio message is one of two preset warnings or a dog barking.GuardCam can record up to 60,000 still photographs or 750 x 20 second videos. These images are recorded onto an SD card which can be plugged into your computer's USB port. Images can then be viewed in Windows Media Player. GuardCam is available to order, the price is 115. A sample is on show in the Community Office and Sheducation vehicle.

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A picture taken by GuardCam


  • Detects intruders
  • Floodlight the area
  • Captures 60,000 stills or 750 twenty second videos
  • Issues an audible warning
  • Supplied with SD card
  • LED version

115. 00